Endxrphin is a blog currently focusing on music outside of the current mainstream audience’s eye. We are dedicated to reviewing , recommending, and interviewing current acts that interest our writers.

Our writers consist of:


Anso is currently our resident indie™ white girl and creator of Endxrphin. Her music tastes include the dog lady [Florence Welch (of the machine,)] Father John Misty, and HAIM, it’s actually rumored she is the 4th HAIM sister! Her favorite genres include alt-pop, rock, and indie music. Anso currently contributes to all sections of the blog including reviews, playlists, Throwback Thursday, interviews, and festival reviews!


Our resident emo, Jason is the King of claiming popstars are Queens of things. A pop stan who’s faves include Selena Gomez and Mariah Carey, Jason is also an avid listener of kpop boy bands, or in simpler terms thirst traps. Jason commonly contributes to , while also writing a string of reviews and playlists.


A social media mogul with a major online presence to our current 47 followers on Twitter, Joey currently manages all of our social media accounts alongside of gracing us with his Throwback Thursday articles among a surplus of other reviews and playlists. His current music tastes include a variety of genres from Folk to Classic Rock, to Soul, to Synth Pop.


Zav, or, for lack of terms, Zavion, (ZAVE-EE-IN,) is a relatable teen in the flesh! A member of the Beyhive, and a hardcore kpop stan, Zav has a wide variety of music tastes. Zav’s most prominent articles include festival reviews, album reviews, and playlist contributions!

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Descriptions last updated on 12/8/2016