Today is the 7th day of Christmas and do you know what that means ? It means I’m gonna talk to you about my fave videos of this year (and also it’s Christmas in 5 days!!)! So, let’s get started!


5. Do You Miss Me? by Cellars

This beautiful yet simple video is really pleasant to watch. I particularly like the animation and the use of the blue and pink lights.

4. American Money by BØRNS

We waited SO long for this video, didn’t we?? So of course I had to mention it. I really like the vibe and the aesthetic of it, Garrett and the girl both look beautiful, (thanks to Gucci for the outfits.)

3. Lisbon by Wolf Alice

So, first of all, if you think Lisbon is about the city, it’s not. It’s about the girls in The Virgin Suicides, the Lisbon family. I know it’s kind of a sad and depressive video, but so are the girls in the movie and at least it’s original. I really like the animation and for some reasons it gives me some Gorillaz vibes.

2. Wild and Free by Ryan Holberg with Frankie Kraft and Alana Haim

Yeah, this is another simple video, but, if you don’t know, it’s a tribute to Sammi Kane Kraft, the sister of Frankie and she was also Alana’s best friend. She died in 2012 from a car accident. This video is full of emotions and I think it’s beautiful as well.

1. Dirty Dirty by Charlotte Cardin

Charlotte released the video for Dirty Dirty recently to my delight. You can see her and her friends having fun, walking around in town, and dancing. She looks happy to be there, but the scenes are cut with other ones where she looks sad, she thinks about him, the guy the song’s about. It’s a clever video, but what I like the most is probably the fact that it was filmed in Montréal.


That’s all for today, kids ! Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to read Jay’s article ! I heard that it would be about his fave albums of the year.


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