You may think you don’t know who Jon Bellion is, but it’s likely you’ve heard some of his material.  He wrote the chorus for Eminem and Rihanna’s “The Monster” (a Grammy award winning song, might I add), he also co-wrote and produced “Trumpets” by Jason Derulo, and is also the voice behind Zedd’s hit song “Beautiful Now.” His debut album The Human Condition was released earlier this year and cemented him as a rising star with the genius of it and with the hit single All Time Low that is still currently smashing on radio.

So while you might not know him by name,  you’re sure to soon. Here’s my review of The Human Condition:

1. He Is The Same – This glitchy-pop song filled with everything from vocal distortion to beat-boxing is a great intro to what is to come on the rest of the album, autobiographical lyrics and catchy beats. In short, he’s still  Jon from the block.

2. 80’s Films – This nostalgic ode to the 80’s with a catchy hook has a bridge that’s bound to have you reminiscing about your favorite Cyndi Lauper song or favorite John Hughes movie and is sure to get stuck in your head.

3. All Time Low – This radio smash is nothing short of a bop. With possibly the catchiest tune on the entire album and relatable lyrics, this song is a stand out and fan favorite. The combo of a fun beat and sad lyrics with strategically used distortion makes this song truly memorable.

4. New York Soul (part 2) – This track starts similar to the previous tracks but soon turns into a hardcore rap song. A hometown anthem, claiming “I did everything for New York”  is good but slightly forgettable within the rest of the songs.

5. Fashion – The first ballad of the album is powerful vocally and a reminder to go bigger, but always stay humble.

6. Maybe IDK – A fun inspirational mid-tempo song that encourages you and is definitely single material.

7. Woke The Fuck Up – While still a banger, this track features lyrics of self-realization and Bellion’s signature production, but fails to really cement itself and make an impression.

8. Overwhelming – A fun upbeat love song, and a stand out from the album, Bellion raps again in this one but with a completely different flow showing his diversity.

9. Weight of The World (ft. Blaque Keyz) – A good song, but the feature is shoved to the end of the song which makes it feel kind of out of place and maybe even unnecessary.

10. The Good In Me – A little more electronic, a little more synth-y, but still the signature sound we’ve been listening to.

11. Morning in America – Another highlight of the album with catchy glitchy verses and an anthem chorus to scream along to.

12. iRobot – Another fan favorite, this track is a little more experimental with the more robotic voice at the beginning, but it truly works. With lyrics about dealing with feelings, or more accurately, NOT dealing with them, it will resonate with many listeners.

13. Guillotine (ft Travis Mendes) – A fun, dance-y  track with sing along hooks and potential of smashing the charts.
14. Hand of God (Outro) – An atmospheric “don’t lose faith” anthem that engulfs you with the world it creates within the music. This Disney bait is arguably the best track on the album and a perfect closer that makes it feel complete while still leaving you wanting more. It brings back elements from the rest of the album, mainly lyrics to it’s epic climax making the album come full circle.
The Human condition is a much needed fresh, fun addition to the current world of pop and one of the best albums to come out of 2016.
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