THROWBACK THURSDAY – Imogen Heap – I, Megaphone

Sadly, many know her as the girl who sings “Mmm Whatcha Say,” or perhaps you may know it by real title, “Hide & Seek.” Imogen Heap is undoubtedly a genius artist that is ahead of her time, making timeless experimental electronic music, she is truly an artist that should go down in history. However, she wasn’t always this artist. Today for Throwback Thursday I take a look at her debut album I, Megaphone.

Getting Scared – Perhaps the foreshadowing song and predecessor to her later music, this song is a highlight of the album.

Sweet Religion – This dark and sinister sounding song features chanting, whispering, and intricate piano this song doesn’t leave a great impression at first but definitely grows. The quirkiness intrigues one to come back to it.

Oh Me, Oh My – This track isn’t as great following the other two. The melodies are not as strong, the instrumental isn’t special, and leans more towards the “garage band” side of things. The only redeeming qualities of this track are that the harmonies are beautiful and the post chorus has a way of alluring you into it.

Shine – With a distant tribal drum to start the track, it immediately jumps into a variety of instruments that are meshed together in a peculiar way. This songs vocals are overall stronger than the track itself.

Whatever – This track instrumental is a strong point on this album. It’s one of the few tracks along with Getting Scared that could perhaps hold up without showing any age. However, vocally this track is very odd.

Angry Angel – This track catches your attention the moment you hit play. Perhaps the rockiest track on the album, this track is one of the better tracks on the album.
Candlelight – This song is a different note for Imogen on this album. This beautiful ballad is also one of the strongest points on the album. Although the instruments get in the way of the piano at times it still stuns.

Rake It In – This track features instruments that have been reverted and played backwards. The track gets wild towards the end with screaming and incessant random noises.

Come Here Boy – Personally my favorite track on the album, this ballad features perhaps some of her best vocals in her discography. The ballad is stunning and everything about it works.

Useless – This track also features one of the best instrumentals on the album. With saddening confessional lyrics this song is another highlight. With a powerhouse chorus and electric guitar in striking comparison to it’s chilling piano driven ballad verses this song is interesting to say the least.

Sleep – The only track that features violin, (not to be confused with strings in general as there is some harp in the other tracks,) this track is a stunning lullaby to end the album.

Highlights: Getting Scared, Sweet Religion, Come Here Boy, Useless, Sleep

If you’re a fan of Imogen or experimental 90s rock without a doubt this is an interesting way to explore. However, I feel as though if you are not this is not a way to start into her discography as this is weakest effort. I recommend if you do want to take a look at this album to start with the highlights. This album offers a variety of new sounds to both her discography and music in general… but it pales in comparison to her work that follows. This album serves as a standing point for those bodies of work, but overall it’s just not that great. It’s great to see that such a prolific artist grows also.



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