Artist Rec: Leon Else

Sometimes while searching the depths of Spotify playlists all night you end up stumbling upon gold. I had this happen recently when I found the up and coming artist Leon Else.

Coming in from Margate, Kent, Else brings everything from soulful vocals with sorrowful lyrics, to electronic beats on indie pop bops to dance to. The Myspace veteran has currently 4 official releases which we will break down bellow, is  just ready to blow up n the indie pop scene that brought you the likes of The Weeknd or The 1975.


A dark and gritty alternative pop/RnB song, with atmospheric and beautiful synths and simple but effective percussion, the music alone makes you experience the feeling of the song, but the sultry vocals are what truly shine in this track. The song builds up to a climatic bridge and a final verse that is full of raw emotion.

River Full Of Liquor

This debut EP has 3 tracks and a remix, but its nothing short of great despite its length. The title track, River Full of Liquor, along with Cheap Motel and Messed up bring autobiographical lyrics about angst and self destruction, addiction, and living with ADHD.

The down-tempo tracks highlight his vocals once again, while the lyrics explore a similar theme, guilt.

Black Car

This 2016 comeback brings a new era for Leon, a change from slow to a faster pace, from gritty RnB to experimental indie pop. With a contagious beat, the catchy “burn, baby, burn baby” and the contrast of his fresh falsetto in the verses and lower register in the hook, this track is one to remember. And then there’s the music video, a Tarantino-esque sensual 4 minute cult horror movie that is sure to make and impression.


With a return of the falsetto he used in Black Car, rich percussions, and funky electronic beats, Dance sure lives up to its name and makes you want to stand up and dance along.

The music video is simple, but engaging.  Else gives an impressive dance performance for the entire 3 minutes of the song. Simplicity with memorable results reminiscent of Beyonce’s Single Ladies.

Else told Paper Magazine:

I wanted the video to be me dancing, because the song is about dancing depression away. It’s about dancing to make yourself feel good. It’s about how music can actually be almost like medicine — it’s meditative, it’s almost like like therapy. I struggle with ADHD, so I have mental health issues that I deal with, and I speak very openly about it.

Make sure to follow Leon Else on Social Media and add Dance to your playlist!


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