Rumored to be the band of one of the most influential teenagers in the United States, Kylie Jenner, Terror Jr brings an interesting sound to music. This pop band utilizes vocal alterations and heavy synths to shroud themselves in mystery. On October 21st the trio released their first EP, Bop City, after the release of promotional singles”3 Strikes” and “Come First” amongst others.

LITTLE WHITE BARS – Terror Jr opens their EP with a tropical-house-like production that demonstrates their focus on the production and not so much the vocals. The song’s catchy beat makes for an enjoyable, short song.

PRAY – This song is my personal favorite, the relaxed beat and extremely catchy chorus makes this song great. Although the lyrics are…interesting it’s still a dreamy song with some edge.

SUGAR – “Sugar” resembles mainstream pop more so than any of the other songs on this EP. The chorus’ anthemic lyrics make for a song that relates to many. However, the clean but unique sound contrasts from that of mainstream pop.

COME FIRST – This bass heavy track was the first song I had heard from this band and what got me interested in this group. This is the track that you introduce to a friend if you think they’ll like this band, because if they don’t enjoy this song they probably won’t like the rest of their music.

SAY SO – The shortest song on the EP, “Say So,” still adds variety to their music with “Lisa’s” altered falsetto. Short and sweet.

SUPER POWERS – A brash song, this track’s bass really packs a punch, as is expected from a song titled “Super Powers.” The addition of synths and glitches make for satisfying ending.

3 STRIKES – The first song released by Terror Jr, “3 Strikes” follows the pattern of glitch-pop as well as heavy synths. The verses maintain a common beat without much change while the chorus builds up making for an exciting song.

TRUTH – An interesting transition occurs when “Truth” begins with the notes from a piano, an instrument not used previously. Terror Jr’s version of a ballad surprisingly hits the mark in demonstrated an emotional songs despite the use of voice alterations.

Although “Bop City” was quite enjoyable, their sound sticks within a certain proximity in similarity, which in theory could make it less exciting for some. Terror Jr delivered some interesting bops on this EP so I hope to hear from them more.

SCORE: 7/10


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