BLACKPINK, a K-Pop girl group by YG Entertainment, debuted earlier this year and made a large impact with their hard style and bad-ass persona. Their debut gave us Square One which has tracks “Boombayah” and “Whistle” which were popular in the reaction community of YouTube. Now they’ve made their first comeback with Square Two and with an interesting change in sound.

PLAYING WITH FIRE – These girls made an explosive debut with “Boombayah,” so most people anticipated another brash track but “Playing With Fire” tones down the edge a bit, but not in a bad way. When I first watched the music video for this song, I thought this was the non-title track song, meaning the song was not intended to be a single. It fit the amount of intensity and edge “Whistle” had and wasn’t as in-your-face as “Boombayah.” Overall this song has grown to become my favorite song from the group, their combination of beautiful synths and amazing choreography makes this song great. The structure of the song follows a pattern when it comes to the chorus, distributing the vocals well making for a great girl group song.

STAY – If you had told me Square Two would have an acoustic, folk-sounding song before its release I would not have believed it; however, BlackPink delivered just that. The chords of the guitar are reminiscent of that from “Whistle,” but the vocals displayed have not been demonstrated in such a way. Rosé’s raspy but sweet voice compliments the guitar rifts perfectly while Jisoo’s light voice adds to the intimate feel. “Stay” is definitely one of those songs that just makes you feel warm inside.


WHISTLE (ACOUSTIC VER.) – When I saw that an acoustic version of “Whistle” was on this I was excited, but the second the song began I was utterly disappointed. When I think of an acoustic version of a song I think the vocals will be different, everything sung. However, YG just slapped the original vocals on a guitar and called it a different version. I hope we get to hear them sing the acoustic version because this acoustic version demonstrated little difference between the original.


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