REVIEW – WET – The Middle/Turn Away

Wet, a 3 piece electronic dream-pop band including members Kelly Zutrau, Marty Sulkow, and Joey Valle, have been on the road much of the last 2 years and are currently touring across North America. On the heels of their current tour, (starting on October 19th, 2016,) Wet released songs “The Middle” & “Turn Away” as an A/B side single, both showing lyricism of being in a limbo state in life. The purpose of these songs was to serve as uptempo songs for Wet to play at their live shows.

“The Middle” starts out with a piano as the base for the track but slowly fleshes out into a full electronic masterpiece. With a catchy chorus, solid lyricism, and great harmonies this song is a great electronic pop song.

“Turn Away” features a quirky instrumental and packs a punch immediately. This song doesn’t necessarily have as strong of melodies as “The Middle” but it’s great nonetheless and will leave you singing along. It’s definitely the grower of the two tracks though.

Wet’s new songs are a natural progression from their album and EP and do not show a quality decrease in any aspect. I’ve loved Wet since their EP days and they continue to impress me with every release.


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