Bonnie McKee – “Easy”

Bonnie McKee is perhaps best known as one of Katy Perry’s biggest collaborators, having co-written many of her hits including “ROAR” and “Teenage Dream”. Today we take a look at her new music video for her song “Easy,” the final single off of her 4 track visual EP Bombastic, released in 2015 as a follow-up to major label single “American Girl.” Being an 80s inspired track, “Easy” features deep synths and drum machines with tell-all lyricism of her desperation for an easy love. This beautiful mid-tempo ballad with powerhouse chorus serves as an example of Bonnie’s talent for pop songwriting and shines as the best track off the EP.  

Bonnie’s new video does not let down in the slightest, featuring a lighted neon aesthetic matching the sound of this 80s synth-pop song. This video is visually stunning, aesthetically enticing, and full of eye candy. Featuring pastels and grids by making use of projectors and visual effects this video lives up to it’s beautiful airy sound without looking like a cookie cutter video that caters to the general public as we have seen in recent times. Bonnie once again impresses with her vintage inspired videography.

Looking forward, Bonnie hopes to release an album in the foreseeable future and I can’t wait to hear what she has been brewing for us both visually and audibly. If her new work is anything like her past, we’re definitely in for a treat.  



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