A Redemption, Dawn Richard’s New Song – “Renegades”

Dawn Richard once again proves she is more than her previous work as a member of Danity Kane and an artist to be taken seriously. Her previous albums Goldenheart and Blackheart, were electronic R&B works that illustrated a new sound. She is now preparing to release another album Redemption and she returns intensely with this heavy electronic song, “Renegades.”

“Renegades” opens with a catchy beat that stays throughout the song and then builds as the chorus comes closer and closer, leading up to the drop and catchy chorus. This song is the most mainstream sounding Dawn has released since going solo, but it still has that truly unique sound. Overall, this track gives me hope for the release of her new album as Blackheart was one of my personal favorites from 2015. You can now pre-order the album on her website and in an interesting means of packaging. The album will be released on a USB necklace (as seen below) for a limited time. This packaging demonstrates Richard’s creativity, a distinction from the standard CD.red

Pre-Order REDEMPTION: iTunes, Google Play, and on her website!


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