Photo of Camille Poliquin and Laurence Lafond-Baulne at Le St-André. Taken by Anne-Sophie Richer

On the 8th of October Milk and Bone, the electropop duo from Montréal, played a gig at Le St-André, a cozy bar for spectacles.

They started their set with Easy to Read and instantaneously the audience was captivated by their harmonies. Because they were playing at a smaller venue than usual, the duo was able to interact more easily with the audience and took time to try new things, such as new mixes. At some point though, this played against them when they started the song Watch and the backing vocals were missing. But that didn’t stop the girls, as the audience collaborated and lent their voices. This little incident didn’t seem to affect the girls at all, they were even agreeably surprised.

With their good energy and stage presence, Camille and Laurence performed all their songs from Little Mournings and some others as well. Other than their cover of Death of Dignity by Sufjans Stevens, they played their new songs Nathalie for the film King Dave, and Poison. They also sang two new unreleased songs, for our greatest pleasure.

This show was one of the lasts of their tour dates as they’ve been touring since 2015, and now we can’t for them to start working on their next album and deliver us more phenomenal music !

Camille Poliquin and Laurence Lafond-Baulne of Milk & Bone playing. Taken by Anne-Sophie Richer


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