LADIES’ CODE – STRANG3R Track By Track Review

Earlier this year K-Pop group LADIES’ CODE came back for the first time since 2014, as a trio, with the single album “MYST3RY”. Now they’re back again with a new EP titled “STRANG3R” and single “The Rain”. The EP has 3 new tracks, including “The Rain” and remixes of the three tracks that were previously released this year on their single album.

Lorelei: LADIES’ CODE opens the album with this atmospheric and ethereal track. A Lorelei is described as a “feminine water spirit” and this track definitely lives up to its name. With the sound of wind chimes, water drops, and other shimmering effects, along with muffled ad-libs from member Ashley, this song sounds magical.

The Rain: Following Lorelei, is the mid-tempo single “The Rain”. It opens with a rough sounding piano riff, before transitioning into the actual instrumental packed with great synths, accompanied by a violin. The girls sound great throughout, and member Sojung’s voice suits the chorus really well. The chorus is very catchy, and the instrumental throughout the chorus is very nice as well.

Jane Doe: The last track, and my personal favorite, is Jane Doe. In the last song the synths were great, but the ones in this track are something else. There’s something special and unique about this track and it’s definitely a stand-out from the EP.

Along with the three tracks are, as previously mentioned, remixes of the 3 tracks from their last single album; “My Flower”, “Galaxy” and “Chaconne”. Although these remixes don’t really add much to the EP, it is nice to hear  different versions of these tracks. These remixes sound more stripped down and acoustic than the originals. But, in my opinion, it would’ve been better to repackage the single album, MYST3RY, instead of releasing a new EP with remixes of old tracks.

Overall, I really enjoyed this EP and I think it’s a beautiful release. LADIES’ CODE used to experiment with different genres, but it seems they’ve found what works for them and it works really well, and I really hope they keep on with this style.

SCORE: 9/10



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