You may know Betty Who for several viral videos that featured her song “Somebody Loves You,” or you may know her for her recent collaboration with Troye Sivan, hell, you might not know her at all; but this female empowered songstress and LGBT activist is bound to leave an impression. Known for her revival of 80’s synth pop along with other artists such as Carly Rae Jepsen, Betty Who blends Katy-Perry-Like hooks with a new take on a retro sound. Here’s my track by track review.  


Just Like Me – This bouncy tune will get you bopping to its infectious beat almost instantaneously. With a powerhouse chorus this song is nothing but pop perfection.


High Society – Betty’s inspiration for 80s synth shines bright on this track. With strong melodies and a grand start this doesn’t disappoint.


Glory Days – This song glimmers in all of it’s glory as it instantly catches your attention like many of her predecessor tracks. Truly one of the best tracks on the album.


Somebody Loves You – Being an artist’s most popular song often times does not equate to being their best song, and while this applies to Somebody Loves You, this song is still lovely nonetheless. An anthem that has been featured in countless videos, this song is simple and sweet.


Missing You – Slowing down the album, Missing You creates a new environment for the album featuring dreamy synths that’ll leave you feeling somber by the end.

Better – Resembling songs such as Taylor Swift’s “Style” or Adele’s “Water Under The Bridge” this song makes use of guitar and while it’s not her best melodically it still leaves an impression with her blend of 80s pop and R&B.


All Of You – Bearing striking resemblance to Katy Perry’s “Part Of Me” at times this song, while familiar, still creates its own image. Proceed with caution however, some may find this bothersome along with the effects that have been layered on Betty’s voice.


Runaways – With ethereal synths, a strong bass line, and guitar laced throughout the song Betty’s vocals sound heavily laid on top of this killer song.


A Night To Remember – One of my personal favorites, this mid tempo ballad is beautifully produced.


Heartbreak Dream – This song almost feels too familiar. While it’s not necessarily a bad song by any means, quite the contrary with its powerhouse chorus, it just seems like a track that could be considered filler and has similarities to songs such as All Of You.


Alone Again – Blending disco and 80s pop this song is eargasmic. A highlight of the album.


Dreaming About You – The last upbeat track for the album and it simply doesn’t disappoint. Betty shows off her upper register and shows off her melody strengths one last time in an effort to pack a punch.


California Rain – California Rain is a beautifully produced synth ballad to end the album, however it feels lacking in comparison to the album. Lyrically it’s very repetitive and it lacks Betty’s infectious melodies.


HIGHLIGHTS: Just Like Me, Glory Days, Runaways, A Night To Remember, and Alone Again
This album oozes nostalgia with it’s 80s synth pop roots. Filled with drum machines and catchy melodies this album doesn’t miss a beat. Betty Who’s debut album comes with the utmost highest recommendation.


SCORE: 85/100


photo credit: Shane McCauley

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