Festival Review: Austin City Limits

Austin City Limits Festival is a music festival held at Zliker park in Austin, Texas. This year, ACL celebrates it’s 15th year with a killer lineup and I just so happen to have been lucky enough to experience weekend two. So here are my three favorite performances.

The weekend was full of amazing acts as well as disappointing acts; however, my favorite from day one would have to be Flume. The crowd obviously enjoyed the performance as we all sang the lyrics to his more popular songs such as “Never Be Like You” and “Say It.” The transitions kept the audience’s attention a skill that not all the DJs at ACL could manage such as Major Lazer and The Chainsmokers. Flume’s organized set made the crowd have nonstop enjoyment of the heavy bass and beautiful synths making for a fun show.

The second day, filled with some of the more anticipated acts such as Kendrick Lamar, The Chainsmokers, and Kygo lead to a more crowded festival but all the better. My favorite from Saturday has to be Cage The Elephant. The intensity and the movement of the band members made for an exhilarating performance, both the main singer and the guitarist became quite acquainted with the people in the front rows as they stood on the barricade and performed. The main singer, Matthew Shultz never stayed in one place for long, at one point he straddled his fellow band mate making the crowd swoon but not as much as when he removed his shirt toward the end of the set. Cage The Elephant gave a solid performance that engaged the crowd like a performer should.

Lastly,  Sunday brought a more relaxed day with acts such as Lizzo and Oh Wonder, but also the most anticipated band in my opinion, Haim. These three valley-girls came out strong and ended even stronger, their excitement was evident from the beginning to the end illustrating no signs of fatigue. Having a connection with the audience obviously interested them as all three of the sisters spoke a little bit whether it was Este’s need to mourn a legend by performing Prince’s “I Would Die 4 U,” Alana’s explanation for “My Song 5″‘s anger, and why Austin, Texas particularly holds a dear place in their hearts as it’s where they scored their first record deal by sneaking in a performance for the South by Southwest Festival. They closed with the percussion heavy “Falling” and then an addition of a drum break from all three of the sisters that left the crowd more hyped than ever, a performance I will never forget.

Honorable Mentions: Andra Day was easily the best vocalist at  the festival displaying her powerful but beautiful voice with her vintage style. An up-and-coming band, Catfish and the Bottlemen managed to surprise me with their energy and overall stage presence. Kygo’s structured set and pyrotechnics made for a truly fun DJ set. Despite Oh Wonder’s genre, their performance did not bore the crowd at all with Josephine’s endearing dancing and Anthony’s cool presence made for a great performance for new fans.

Overall, Austin City Limits Festival did not disappoint, great crowds with great performers each day as well as cool Austin weather made for an amazing. This was my second ACL Fest and definitely not my last.



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