Photo by George Jerman

Throwback Thursday – Pet Sounds

The year was 1966, after spending nearly a year off of touring due to anxiety and other personal reasons Brian Wilson would set out with one goal; to create one of the best rock albums of all time for his band. This album would go on to become one of the most critically acclaimed albums, Pet Sounds, and a classic to generations. Today I give you my track-by-track review.

Wouldn’t It Be Nice – Easily one of the greatest songs of pop and a personal favorite, Wouldn’t It Be Nice has swoon-worthy melodies and lush instrumentation that pops with color. This song packs a punch.

You Still Believe In Me – This stripped down mid tempo ballad does not disappointment. Using instruments such as bicycle bells this song is nothing but bliss.

That’s Not Me – Reminiscent of the Beach Boys’ earlier signature beach rock this self reflective song looms with catchy melodies.  

Don’t Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder) – One of the first true ballads of the record this song is a beautiful transition.

I’m Waiting For The Day – Sharing similar qualities to That’s Not Me this drum driven song is a great song to follow up from the first ballad and one of the biggest tracks on the first half of the record.

Let’s Go Away for Awhile – This fully instrumental piece is a beautifully orchestrated interlude that gives you many visions while listening to it such as overlooking a body of water on a cruise – or maybe being inside an elevator.

Sloop B John – A great pop tune and a highlight of the album this song has some of the strongest melodies are on the album and infectiously catchy.

God Only Knows – Possibly one of the most known and classic love songs of all time this track truly is stunning. Its intricate instrumentation combined with harmonies is breathtaking.

I Know There’s An Answer – Remindful of a few of the earlier tracks on this album this song is great but not one of the best. The intricate instrumentation that makes use  of sax with a powerhouse chorus is definitely a highlight.

Here Today – This catchy tune immediately catches your attention with its drum driven instrumentation and heavy harmonies.

I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times – A relatable song for those who feel like they don’t fit in, Brian beautifully sings his woes of disconnect from the world in this ballad.

Pet Sounds – The title track of the album and once again an instrumental piece, this track is a beautiful edition to the album that just feels right. If you are a fan of solely instrumental pieces or interludes this piece is guaranteed to give you delight.

Caroline, No –  A beautiful way to end the album this ballad makes it feel as though it is stripped down while somehow making use of many instruments. However, as it seemingly fades away it is brought to an abrupt stop with dogs barking and trains that one could easily find bothersome.

Fifty years later this album lives up to every acclaim it has received. A stunningly intricate piece of music that will leaving you with harmonies and melodies to die for. Pet Sounds is truly an album that has changed the face of pop that will leave you with memories of it.   

Highlights from the album: Wouldn’t It Be Nice, That’s Not Me, Sloop B John, and Pet Sounds

Score: 91/100



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